Symposium 1  “Innovative teaching for a responsible and critic education”


  • Niels Mejlgaard, Aarhus University (Dinamarca)
  • Nadja Gmelch, ACUP
  • Gema Revuelta, UPF
  • Jordi Prat, UAB


Based on two projects aimed largely at introducing the concept of RRI and Education for Development in university teaching - the European project of Higher Education Institutions and Responsible Research and Innovation (HEIRRI), led by Pompeu Fabra University, and the ESDU project - Promoting Education for Development in Catalan universities, led by the Solidarity Autonomous Foundation and which receives support from the Barcelona city council - during the symposium the following questions will be addressed:

  • How can a contribution be made to transformative education through teaching innovation?
  • What practical examples do we have that foster transformative learning?
  • What kind of teaching can be offered so that future professionals consider the implications of their work in society?
  • How can these elements be introduced into university curriculums?
  • What opportunities and obstacles are their today for teaching innovation in the area of transformative learning?

Symposium 2 “The concept of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) as a basis for a framework for measuring the quality of university teaching staff”


RED_U (University Teaching Network)

  • Amparo Fernández March RED-U
  • Jo Peat, University of Roehampton (United Kingdom)


The professional development of university teaching staff urgently requires a global framework that offers a clear model to follow that can also act as a meeting point (to discuss what we mean by professional teaching development, what kind of achievements and activities should be encompassed by a teaching “career”, how we can contribute to this development from institutions) and also constitutes the basis for developing criteria for assessing and recognizing the work of teaching staff in this area. The symposium proposes the idea of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) as an appropriate conceptual support for constructing this global framework and giving a concrete form to the idea of professional development in the area of university teaching. The application of this concept within a framework of measuring teaching quality, similar to the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF), should allow a path and system of recognition to be established for university teaching staff’s professional development. The purpose of this symposium is to debate the possibilities of the concept of SoTL so that a professional teaching development framework can also be developed in Spain, with the firsthand knowledge of the UKPSF’s application in the United Kingdom.

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